Document Evaluation and Case Study

Document Evaluation and Case Study

This assessment item is designed to assist students, majoring in a specific discipline, to develop a depth of understanding of ethical issues in relation to their professional practice, to articulate a reasoned ethical position to fellow students and staff and to think creatively about ethical dilemmas.

Individually, you are to source relevant documents to your professional interest (Counselling, community development, psychology, town planning) based in Australia.

? Devise a relevant scenario which you think you could potentially encounter in your professional life and which contains an ethical dilemma

? From the documents, select one or more that relates the scenario you have devised

? Check the dilemma is clear, the right theories employed in the document and the resolution, and the key question is answered by presenting your dilemma.

? Write an essay with headings which:
– Considers the ethical theories covered in the teaching period to decide which one/s have informed the preparation of the documents you have selected
– Outlines your case study and identifies clearly the ethical dilemma
– Presents appropriate resolutions and how the solutions generated align with the documents you have reviewed and what ethical theories apply to the resolutions
– Finally, you are to answer the question:

Do you think that this/these documents would ensure that the professional standards for protection of:
? The clients,
? The professional,
? The organization and
? The profession

Are upheld for your chosen scenario? (If so, why? If not, why not?)

– Justify your answer by referring to at least one of the major ethical theories of ethical covered this teaching period

– Your answer should also reflect your consideration of any other sourced documents and be reflective of the interrelationships of any other workplace codes, policies and procedures you consider appropriate.
Marking criteria

1. Relevance of documentation: (15 marks)
? You have sourced and chosen relevant documents for your profession and these are properly referenced in your synopsis. (Harvard) (2)

– You have selected the appropriate sections of the document/s for the potential professional issues (case study) in your intended field and demonstrated this in your synopsis (3)

– You have analysed the document relevant to ethical theory/ies and demonstrated this in your essay (5)

– Awareness of the interrelationship of the selected document/s with other workplace documentation and demonstrated this in your essay (5)

2 Evidence of logical and critical reflection on the dilemma in the case study (15 marks)
-Consideration of possible resolutions to dilemma and demonstrated this in your essay (5)
-Use of suitable ethical approaches to solve the dilemma and demonstrated this in your essay (10)

3. You have clearly addressed the question re minimal professional standards in your essay (10)

Refer the following reference which was shared by the tutor for the assignment.
? code of ethics- ethical guidelines
? Policy and procedures
? Organisation code of ethics
? Search on website with revised one
? Australian community welfare association (ACWA)
? Counselling
? Select and apply the policy and procedure
? Case studies that has ethical dilemma
? Community toolbox ?
? Counselling text book
? Psychology dilemma
? Outline them
? Essay with headings

Refer the following books.
Do the right thing, Living ethically in an unethical world by Thomas G. Plante, PH.D., ABPP
How good people make tough choices, resolving the dilemmas of ethical living by Rushworth M. Kidder (Founder and president of institute for global ethics)

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