International Marketing Concepts/Theories applied to Organizational Problem

International Marketing Concepts/Theories applied to Organizational Problem

Select two concepts or theories (e.g. culture theory (hall’s framework, Hofstede’s cultural dimensions), sociocultural environment, political and economic environment, modes of entry, internationalisation process, standardisation vs adaptation, sustainability) and apply to an organisational problem or context of your choice.

The organisational problem or choice can be a profit making or not for profit making context, from the public sector or private sector but must involve an international marketing dimension to it.

You are expected therefore to:
1. Select a relevant problem or context within international marketing
2. Select atleast two theories or concepts from the course
3. Describe and apply the selected theories or concepts to understand or resolve the problem or context already selected
4. Critique the theory or concept in light of its application to real world problems.

Selection of Problem: (10%)
Is the problem clearly an international marketing problem – as opposed to an international business one?
Does your justification of problem/context have some evidence based support, i.e. Press, news, reports, research to illustrate it as a substantial issue.
Is the problem historical and you will show how IM has been used to resolve it or current and how IM should be used to resolve it

Selection of theory/concept: (10%)
Define and explain the theory or concept
Explain how it will or had resolved the problem selected

Application of theory to practice: (40%)
Review the theory or concept in depth
Provide evidence though examples, citations, etc

Critique of theories (40%)
Show appreciation of limitations of theories to real-world contexts
Any integration or link between selected theories and concepts?

The word count for this assignment is 2000 words excluding appendices and references.

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