Terrorism Obejectives

Terrorism Obejectives

escription: Identify the two most relevant objectives according to Drake for the list of attacks provided. Provide a short explanation why you selected these two objectives. You are required to research each of the incidents to understand the political and security context in which they take place.

2000, October: Three civilians are killed and 21 others, including three American nationals, are injured in a suicide bomb attack near the Colombo Town Hall as the new Cabinet takes oath.

2001, July: LTTE attacks the Air Force base in Katunayake and the Bandaranaike International Airport, on the outskirts of Colombo. Eight military aircraft, including Kifr jets, and six Airbus passenger aircraft are destroyed or damaged in the attack. Seven security force personnel are killed while 12 more are injured in the attack.

2002, June: Bomb exploded outside American consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, killing 12.
2002, October: Nightclub bombings in Bali, Indonesia, killed 202, mostly Australian citizens.
2004, March: 10 bombs on 4 trains exploded almost simultaneously during the morning rush hour in Madrid, Spain, killing 191 and injuring more than 1,500.

Select from:

o Threat elimination
o Compliance
o Disorientation
o Attrition
o Provocation
o Advertisement
o Endorsement

Audience: The course Instructor.

Sources: Please provide at least three different sources to support your analysis of each incident. Document them with in-text citations and on a references page. Please use the H-PU Virtual Library to find sources in addition to open-source research.

Language: Present your paper in a professional way that addresses the designated audience. Be sure to present well-developed paragraphs that are free of grammatical error and that convey a logical flow of information.

Format: Organize your responses by incident. All work must be cited as per HPU-APA guidelines. Refer to the APA Manual, 6th edition for any clarifications not available in the H-PU APA Guidelines for Academic Papers. APA is the standard of Henley-Putnam University. Using it will help you become familiar with the style that is a graded aspect of this course.

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